Despite all efforts within the alternative energies sector, fossil fuels like oil and gas will still play a crucial role within the coming decades. Above all, the strong economic process within the emerging countries is causing demand to rise. Investing in gas are often worthwhile for investors in troubled times.

The trend is within the direction of commodity
funds In terms of their popularity, commodity funds were already before land and infrastructure investments in 2011. Oil features a long tradition within the international investor market. for several market participants, however, investing in gas means new territory. But it’s a potentially attractive growth market. In its WEO Gas Report 2011, the International Energy Agency (IEA) assumes that gas will cover quite 1 / 4 of the entire global energy demand by 2035. This fuel is more environmentally friendly than coal. additionally , gas power plants are often flexibly run higher and lower in terms of their performance.

A good time to urge involved
Frank Schuhmann, chief analyst at the investment consultancy, told the “” portal that the worth for gas is currently at an rock bottom . At a current rate of two US dollars for the trading unit million BTU, the 2011 WEO gas report expects the worth of North American gas to rise to six .2 US dollars by 2020. Investors should bear in mind that gas in other markets, like in Asia and Europe, is significantly expensive. Corresponding providers exist already . Proven Oil Canada gas 1 focuses on investments in conventional gas fields that have great potential for optimization.

Obama goes for gas
Not only the foremost prominent power producers within the us are converting from coal to gas . The automotive groups have long been developing mixed engines, even for the pick-up trucks that are extremely popular within the USA. The expansion of gas filling stations is to be accelerated in Obama’s second term. Investing in gas therefore requires an honest time, and it’s now, Schuhmann confirms.

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