Anyone who bought shares within the Swedish company PowerCell a year ago can now anticipate to a 400 percent plus. PowerCell produces fuel cells for powering trucks and ships with hydrogen. against this , those that back the share of FuelCell Energy a year ago lost about 60 percent. A US company that manufactures systems for generating electricity from hydrogen and gas .

Is hydrogen the new hope within the fight against climate change? It are often wont to drive cars, trucks and ships. No emissions. Hydrogen also can function a data-storage medium for green electricity.

But: hydrogen may be a gas. you do not just catch on from somewhere: it’s to be generated. it’s currently mainly obtained from gas . The common manufacturing process is so-called steam reforming. Hot steam breaks the gas down into its components hydrogen and carbon monoxide gas . This releases CO2. But you’ll also bind and store the CO2. regardless of the case: you initially need energy to even generate hydrogen. the foremost environmentally friendly thanks to do that at the instant is by means of electrolysis; the electricity required for this comes best from wind or solar systems. If you then produce electricity from the hydrogen again, the efficiency can now be over 70 percent.
The hydrogen are often stored within the existing gas network. 600 billion cubic meters of hydrogen are currently being produced worldwide – mainly to be used in industry. With this amount, however, only 1.5 percent of the world’s energy demand might be covered. If the EU has its way, the share of hydrogen in total energy consumption in Europe should increase by 2050. The hydrogen industry sees itself during a position to hide up to 24 percent of the entire energy demand within the EU by 2050. She says. How it works with forecasts: you’ll only check their truthfulness on reflection . With forecasts over a period of 30 years, the accuracy can only be guessed at.

If a cell produces electricity from hydrogen and uses it to drive a car, just 30 percent of the energy that was needed to get hydrogen is replace on the road. the electrical car, often scolded, may be a lot more efficient.

That is probably one reason why there are only two cell cars which will be bought in Germany that would use the hydrogen: the Mirai from Toyota and therefore the Hyundai Nexo. Again and again one can read in discussion forums: Let’s wait and see, the electrical car won’t prevail because the hydrogen car is far more ecological. which does not need to be right, however. Above all, it’s currently not practical: There are already quite 17,500 electric charging stations throughout Germany (as of January 2020). But only 60 hydrogen filling stations.

VW boss Herbert Diess even believes that hydrogen and hybrids are “a thing of the past” . One should consider electric cars, he demanded during a fire speech on January 16, 2020.

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