These are buildings and premises during which warehouses, offices, salesrooms, beauty salons, then on are often placed. Entering this market is way costlier than buying a residential apartment. But the income received are often much higher. Firms and industrial organizations are actively growing and developing within the country. which they’re going to always need rooms for comfortable work. Not every entrepreneur can buy an office or a warehouse, but the rent of such premises is within the power of everyone who features a requirement for them and at the same time is engaged in business.
Pros of renting commercial real estate:
high demand for office and warehouse space;
higher income compared to residential apartments;
the tenant independently equips the premises according to his needs.
Cons of renting commercial real estate:
high tax on non-residential premises;
significant initial investment;
the possibility of prolonged downtime of real estate;
the need to rent an accountant so on affect the financial side of the problem . it is necessary to properly calculate and pay tax on income .
As a tool for obtaining real investment income, it’s rather weak. If a country house is purchased for subsequent lease, then you’d wish to remember of variety of the features of working with this type of land . as an example , finding a family for permanent year-round living during a house isn’t a quick matter. Alternatively, you’ll rent out a country house for the vacations , but this also requires certain advertising and activity. Therefore, the pros relative to the first two kinds of investments are small, and thus the minuses are more significant.
low investment cost;
low property tax because of the actual fact that the thing is found outside the town limits.

there is no guarantee of a stable income. generally , they’re doing not exist in any of the sorts of investment, but country houses are favorites during this regard.
it is necessary that the house be equipped with all the attributes necessary for living and celebrating;
in the absence of tenants, the house must still be heated and maintained in winter time (robbers often hunt in dacha villages);
for profitable rental, transport accessibility is required – both conveyance and personal . That is, the roads and thus the doorway to the house must be in fitness .
Of course, over time, the purchased house can grow in price, then the investor will still be within the black when selling the property. But there are still risks of losing property, which is much from having the power to manage it. as an example , a hearth could occur. The authorities may decide to lay a highway through the dacha settlement and seize the land plot for state needs. Or organize a dump some meters away from it, then the acquisition will sharply depreciate. Therefore, land away from the owner could also be a rather shaky investment.

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