Everyone knows you’ll buy stocks and earn income, but not everyone understands the way to buy stocks with minimal loss of cash and time. Now this is often especially important, because new technologies are coming to the stock exchange , something that was previously too expensive or too difficult has become available.
They often write that it’s possible to become an investor without preparation and with minimal investment. Let’s determine if this is often so. But first, let’s repeat a couple of simple concepts.
Managers can take over all the business, deciding for themselves which stocks to shop for and when and at what price to sell. The take advantage of their work goes to the investor who pays the management.

Treasury commissions are very high. Therefore, it is sensible to trade on global exchanges through a manager when the dimensions of the investment is 100-250 thousand dollars.
The broker may be a professional participant within the stock market , and has the proper to conduct transactions with investors’ money, and impose a commission on them in exchange for conducting transactions, opening and maintaining an account.

The broker opens a special account for the investor within the stock market . The client deposits money during this account, and from this account the broker takes the cash to shop for the shares, and credits the proceeds from selling them to him.

The broker follows the client’s instructions to shop for or sell certain shares. Brokers often provide links to certain information and academic resources in order that the investor learns to form simpler decisions. But regular brokers don’t offer advice on investments.
Just following directions isn’t something novice investors want. except for a fee, many brokers advise clients. These are usually advice on the forecast of some stocks, and guidance on price trends.

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